Could you get Involved with International Dog Day ?

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International Dog Day

International Dog Day is coming up on August 26th so that feels like a good time to fuss over our dogs even more than usual and for some to find out how they could help or be part of the event.

This day was founded in 2004 by Dog Trainer and Author, Colleen Paige amongst many other wonderful pet days. The main purpose for this awareness day was really to celebrate all dogs and to raise awareness for the public for the number of dogs that need to be rescued every year.

Most dog and animal lovers are aware of the varied positions dogs play in the every day life of so many people and organisations. The messageis to highlight what an important role dogs actually play in so many peoples lives, from bringing comfort and companionship to helping those with disabilities and the huge help they can bring for law enforcement, from detecting bombs to drugs and even victims in wreckage situations.

Yellow Dog is a charity which is only too aware of all the advantages that dogs can have in our world whilst at the same time truly recognizing their vulnerabilities. Dogs are so sensitive, to our moods, emotions and attitudes and this can be reflected in their behaviour too. They look to their owners for support and confidence and without this feedback can often become fearful and self protective.

The RSPCA said that animal rehoming figures had dropped recently by 8% whilst buying new pets was up by 8.4% after lockdown. However then the cost of living crisis combined with people buying dogs as something to do during lockdown and not appreciating the care and cost they entail were then either forced or decided to put the dogs up for adoption.

Many places are celebrating International Dog Day with events all over the world and in London ‘The Big Woof’ at King’s Cross should be fun! With over 25 dog friendly restaurants, dog shows, dog art exhibitions and even dog training sessions sounds like a great day out!

National Dog Day

So enjoy the day but don’t forget if your dog is a little sensitive and doesn’t want to be unexpectedly approached why not get a Yellow Dog lead or cravat as just a little sign, so others can be aware and you and your dog can have a lovely day. whilst being a responsible dog owner.

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