Merits and Demerits of Online Classes

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I) Efficiency- There are many online devices which offer many facilities such as pdf, vedios, live platform etc. In the live sessions there are online interactive classes with images and programs which also helps the educator to explain and student to understand in batter way.

II) Access of Time and Place- There is no geographical boundary. Student can study from anywhere or the lectures can be recorded, so there is no boundation of time also.

III) Attendance of the student is improved as he/she can take classes from anywhere. Online classes are much affordable than physical one because it eliminates some leisures like transportation, student’s meal, and all other courses and experiments rather than original courses. Thus, it creates a paperless learning.

IV) A variety of learning styles- As learning and understanding level of every student is different so online platform provides many aap with different educators.


I) It creates a sense of home isolation which reduces the ability of teamwork in a person.

II) There are many technical issues too such as Wi-Fi issue, speed of network, battery of mobile and computer and also sometimes the location of a person.

III) Online classes can also be referred as more screen time which damages the eyesight, posture and can also give headache (but it can be a personal issue to some students).

The online classes have both advantages and disadvantages it only depends on the concern of he student how he/she behaves and work.

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