The advantages of travelling solo

travelling solo
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For all the people out there working in their 9-5 jobs, frustrated from their own surroundings seeking for some change? Here is why solo travelling is all you need.

We humans have a natural tendency to know everything but ourselves. In this busy schedule of life, we somewhere neglect ourselves. Solo travelling gives an opportunity to rediscover your true self. Imagine being on your own, being just with yourself, not being bound by any obligations, no judgements? Solo travelers get ample of time for themselves; looking into themselves which most of us living monotonous life do not get.

Travelling by your own enables to break the inner barriers, the self-limitations and opening up to the world. Couple of days with yourself into the world helps making decisions based on inner desire, which again comes from self-realizations, which solo travelling helps you achieve. Most people get a better understanding of their past, present and the direction they want to channelize their energy through solo travelling.

You get to travel different places, meet different people, see different cultures and get a better understanding of the world around. You get to make new friends which help you make memories which stays for life. If shyness has held you back then solo, travelling is the thing for you. You get to learn more about people, their thinking and lifestyle.

We all have been through that phase where we couldn’t go somewhere just because our companions cancelled at the last moment. Most of us while travelling with loved ones have felt a certain kind of responsibilities towards them. They might want to spend the day doing something, which you do not. We generally bow to the desires of our travel companions. Being a solo traveler, you can do things you want in your way.

Solo travelling is very cost effective compared to travelling in a group. Your companion might not like public transportation or live in Dharamshala. However, solo travelers are not bound by such restrictions. You manage your food, stay and transportation based on your pocket capacity, which in fact helps you to save a lot of money.
Thus, the idea of traveling solo can be both exciting and advantageous for you. So, hurry up and plan a solo trip this time!

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