What are some of the common questions that people ask when they email you?

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E-mailing has become a backbone of any business these days. But in this very fast-moving world, we have minimized our time of opening the mails by sorting them into various categories. So, if someone has to send an email to me, they should think over few common questions:

NNTR at the end of the mail: NNTR means No Need to Respond. This is a good habit to mention it at the end of the mail if it is apt. Both the sender and the receiver will save their time from wasting in responding unnecessarily.

Length of the mail: No one in the current days is willing to read long emails for one or the other reason. If the sent mail cannot be made fleeting, the telephonic or one-to-one conversation is a better medium. Succinct
type emails are more obviously read to the end.

Spam filter: Spam trigger words are to be avoided to save from being a sufferer as your mail will be caught in the spam filter and will never reach me.

Error-free: E-mail with lots of spelling or grammatic error is a big turn off for a reader. Avoid it by using as many applications and websites which are available for the mobile, laptop and computers to check and correct them wisely.

Subject line: Concise and compelling subject line is very important. It gives the insight to the mail is all about and something interesting yet essential is present in the content.

Timing: Check the time the mail is being sent. Mail sent on odd timings is mostly left unread which will delay the overall work time.

Benefit: If the sender so shall the recipient be gaining out of the mail. Mentions the phrases, which will clearly tell about agenda which in return will accomplish recipient’s needs.

Once you have answered few of these questions, you will come up with an email, which will help in creating a new bond with the recipient, and surely, the email will get a positive response.

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