What are the biggest trends in Digital Marketing industry?

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Digital marketing has changed the way business used to be. One has to keep up with the changing trends of digital marketing to survive in today’s world.

Here are a few of the latest digital marketing trends:

§ Content marketing:
Content is so important in all digital communications from search to social and e-mailing. It is already on the go and will continue to grow up.

§ Voice search:
Consumers these days are becoming lazier to write even for searching. Voice search is possible anywhere now on the phone, laptop, desktop, smart speaker, tablet, etc. Optimization f voice searches have become easier by content marketing as it is not hard to work on conversational keywords into blog posts and website content.

§ Mobile SEO:
Mobile marketing is the fastest-growing media channel due to the rapid increase in mobile connections. Mobile content is getting popular among users and content creators than bigger versions of mobile (Desktop computers and laptops) after the mobile optimization boom.

§ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
Machines are soon going to take over strategic marketing decision-making. Analysis of data will be done to start or stop the campaign over various channels. The loyalty of customers increases when they are directly targeted. AI engages the customers effectively and gives an insight into their behavior, analyzed by the actions they take like in the live-chat tools to communicate.

§ Influencer marketing:
The process of identification, research, engage and support the people who create the conversations that impact the brand, products, or services. Young customers prefer content that feels natural, organic, and less ‘staged’ is extremely effective.

§ Convergence of AdTech and MarTech:
After the hype in advertising technology, now Adblockers and AdTech’s marketing technology has taken over the popularity. As digital advertising has gone ahead of TV advertising, it is being foresaid that MarTech will overtake AdTech in respect to cultural capital and financial relevance.

The above-mentioned trends may not fulfill, their success depends on the influence of technology and improvements. Still many of the predictions are likely to transpire.

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