If you could have lunch with one person, who would be your plan for perfect lunch.

perfect lunch
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Planning a lunch can be a date or a sudden lunch with friends, family, or colleagues. People find the occasions of visiting outside with the family or any of the peers, so that they may spend some time and have a lunch together. But some people just need company and they immediately plan for lunch or dinner. If I could have lunch with one person, then I would definitely take my wife outside.

Some of the plans which I would think of while taking my wife outside are:

1. Buy a beautiful bouquet– it would be very much grateful to buy a beautiful bouquet, which includes colorful roses as well as the orchids as this combination is made to express love.

2. Book a multi-cuisine restaurant– I would like to book a place which would have a somehow different menu. We use to eat almost the same kind of vegetables and pulses on a daily basis, so it would be better to book a restaurant which may have Thai, European, American, Egyptian as we as the Indian menu.

3. Order a Champion– Ordering a bottle of a champion is another way of expressing that as a couple we are happy for each other and we are celebrating it with a sip of a white champion.

4. Having a waffle in desert– Waffle is one of the best deserts ever available in the world. It brings a different smile over the face of a person who would eat a spoon of it. I would also order the same as it will complete the course of food.

5. Take her to a long drive– After having a pleasant lunch I would love to take my wife to a long drive and would end my lunch date with a sweet kiss and then will come back to home.

This will be the whole plan which I would make if I could get a chance to go outside with mine. Bringing a smile to a partner’s face is one of the main objectives of other partners and spending a pleasant time with them would definitely achieve the goal.

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