Best places for backpacking for beginners

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Backpacker culture has taken over our youth. And why not? Anything that can make you happy should be on your priority list. Only a backpacker can tell you, what it is being one. The adventure, experience and the adrenaline rush is what is going to motivate you to be one yourself. Therefore, if you’re thinking of being a backpacker lately and scared about it, here are few places which will help you enjoy your experience.

One of best places you could visit as a backpacker. A good combination of diverse culture, different landscapes, decent food and plenty of adventure with cheap travel. The Crocodile River, salt plains, tribal exposure is all just different and a new experience.

The most stunning and untouched valleys in India. Having all the essentials in the backpack to deal with the climate and you are ready to head on to the most beautiful and adventurous trip and have some great encounters.

3) PERU:
Another greatest backpacking destination for beginners. Diverse nation with unmissable adventure activities and amazing journey from low land jungles to high mountain ranges. The experience is fresh, plentiful, exotic and cheap.

Perfect place for anyone looking for a solo backpacking trip. A unique experience, feels like an extremely different world. You will be happily lost in the endless twisty alleys. Moreover, the ‘SAHARA’, you will be able to see the sand stretching as far as your eye can see. What more can you look for in your first backpacking trip.

Known for it’s mixed culture, traditions and food this make is going to make you visit again. Beautiful mosques, ancient sites and historical monuments are going to make you fall in love with this place. It has variety of terrains, greenery, peace and the astonishing mountain ranges that will make you feel like walking into a dream. More to it, it is cheap if you are concerned about your pocket.

These places are surely going to make your first backpacker trip comfortable, cheap and the most memorable. So, pack your bag and start with a fresh and new experience.

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