Computer: Merits and Demerits – Interesting Facts

Computer Merits-DeMerits
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The computer is the most disputed creation of the 20th century. The computer is an electronic device that can store data and information. Most students would agree that the computer is one of the most important creations on the earth because it can easily store information for them. However, for each posted aspect of the computer there some negative points too.

• Computer is a very fast device. It is very effective to execute a huge amount of data on a computer. It can discharge millions of judgements in a few seconds as compared to a man who will payout many months for doing the same piece of work. It always gives the output in a representative manner, works with perfection and also saves our time.

• One of the major disadvantages of computer is an addiction to them. People spend most of their time on computers which causes muscular problems. The computer has an absence of judgements, emotions which make it our slaves. Some people can hack our computers and websites and also our private pictures to make their money or it can be used to bully someone.

Hence, it is in our hands to take the computer with good vibes or with bad vibes. So, we should use a computer in an appropriate manner.

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