Coronavirus: COVID-19 Is A Pandemic

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Coronavirus is a recently recognized virus. It is mostly transferred through droplets originated by an infected person through cough, or while sneezing etc. These droplets can not stay in the air for a long time and speedily comes on the surfaces.

There are many other symptoms to find out covid such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, pains, loss of taste or smell, rashes on skin and headache. Shortness of breath and loss of speech are the major symptoms of Covid. If anyone has these serious symptoms, he/she should take the doctor’s opinion immediately.

Whenever someone gets affected by the virus, it takes around 5-6 days to identify the symptoms. However, this virus can lead to heart problem, liver infection and respiratory failure etc. To stop the spread of Coronavirus we should obey the guidance given by our authority. This virus can be prevented by wearing masks, using sanitiser after every 20-30 minutes and maintaining proper distancing. We should also avoid crowded areas and groups.

Day-by-day it is getting more dangerous and has affected a large number of people worldwide. In India, one of the most affected states is Maharashtra with 13,21,176 cases following by Andhra Pradesh with 6,68,751 cases and many more. Hence, we should only come outside the house whenever required, to keep our families safe and healthy and also we should increase our immunity by taking healthy products such as Chayawanprash, Turmeric milk, Fruits and Green veggies etc.

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