What helps you to be creative?

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Creativeness is the ability to think out of the box. To do so one has to first come out of that box of life which stops the mind to stretch its wings. While doing some job, if one feels non-receptive or blocked, then there is other’s advice to stand up and take a nap, go for a walk, or do some exercise. Either of these three steps provides a mental break from the task that refreshes the mind. And later on, helps in focusing on the topic properly.

So, the best way to enrich creativity is travelling out of the country or out of the state. When we travel and see the world; the experience makes the one broad-minded, wholesome and of charitable views whereas bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and prejudice are all gone. This all happens because we get out of the little corner of the earth all our lifetimes.

How creativity germinates?

1. Experimentation:
Travelling increase the horizons of the mind when we try to do some new things or a normal thing in a new way, while it helped in de-stressing. It also improves brain, heart, and physical health which helps to increase the ability of the mind to be positive, happy, and inspired to get back to the old routine.

2. New people:
Travel exposes to new people and to new cultures, religions, languages, and customs, along with new places. The exposure broadens a traveller’s perspective, which is correlated to an increased state of positivity. And when we are relaxed and happy, new ideas flow more readily.

3. Acceptance:
Well-travelled and creative people have more open and accepting personalities, less judgmental of other ways of life.

4. Let go:
Travelling allows physical get away from an issue, it broadens our perspective to be able to see it from another perspective. Vacationing in another country or another state helps to open our minds. Just immersing oneself in a different environment for several days inspires your creative abilities to new heights.

5. Happiness:
Not only going on a vacation brings happiness but also the thought and preparation of it are equally refreshing.
Creativity improves the quality of life and is a basic tool for problem-solving. On an individual level, doing something creatively (be creative) feels contended.

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