How did you decide to start business?

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In today’s times, working as an employee feels like we are in prison and can’t get out of it unless and until our boss order us. The majority of people don’t like to work as an employee because this type of job profile takes away all of our happiness and freedom. All of us have various aims and targets for our life and fulfilling them while working as an employee is next to possible.

Every one of us wants the freedom to fulfill our dreams and makes our future secure, we all want to see the world according to our perception and in our own way. So, I think the urge to change our life’s and makes it free of any outside regulations drives the people to start their own business.

Benefits of starting own business:

Starting up our own business provides us a sense of achievement that we had done something respectable and now it’s our responsibility to fulfill our vision of starting the business.

Job security
Having a business of our own provides us job security that we are never going to be fired up for not working well or else. If u have your own business then you are your own boss and don’t have to worry about getting let go.

Spare time
Having a self-owned business also provides spare time to fulfill our other passions/hobbies. Initially, it’s difficult to find spare time but with time when you set up your business properly and manage all your activities with a proper schedule then you are able to get some free time.

Full mentorship
Having a self-owned business provides us a chance to enjoy everything fully. Either it’s profit or loss we are the only ones to take it. We have no regulation are we are not answerable to anyone.

Full control (no interference)
If we have our own business, then we are free to make changes to it whenever we want to according to our needs without any interference. We can use our own mind and our own ideas and innovative methods to run the activities of the business.

Starting up your own business provides various benefits but also provides a huge responsibility to run it properly and make it successful.

How are the legal activities in your country affecting your business?

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